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tv   Clinton Global Initiative Hosts Panel Discussion on Jobs and the Labor...  CSPAN  August 9, 2016 8:51pm-9:01pm EDT

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[laughter] have to.on: we all if you want to be judged on your government to work, if you want to be judged in a way that inspires other people's confidence and continues to get other people support in the government cannot do anything if we do not do that, we have to be willing to constantly assess what we are doing and not to be afraid of making a mistake and acknowledging and and changing course. that is the one thing i would say i have found sort of rewarding in the years since i left office and have been working. i used to have a lot of sympathy with people and politics that were afraid to make mistakes and get beat up on. if you are not running for anything, you should try to set a good example because everybody is making mistakes every day and
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it is the unexamined life that ends up on satisfying, not one that is rigorously examine including looking for error. i was proud to hear president carter say that. announcer: we are about eight minutes away from the polls closing in wisconsin at 8:00 central time. it is not a clock in the east where house speaker paul ryan is facing a primary challenge from this is meant paul mainland who is running on some of the same issues that donald trump is including opposition to nafta and the transpacific partnership trade deal. we will have this election results for you as they come in and the candidate's speeches live right here on c-span. donald trump making news today for his comments about the second amendment and hillary clinton. those remarks came during a rally in wilmington, north carolina.
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here is a portion of his remarks. mr. trump: hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is something. announcer: senator elizabeth warren tweeted a response, your reckless comments sound like a two-bit dictator not a man that wants to lead the greatest democracy on the planet. cnbc reporter quotes former cia director michael hagan assaying "if someone said that outside the hall, they would be in a police wygant questioned by the secret service." on their official twitter account, the secret service says they are aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon. we will have donald trump's. for you later tonight.
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while we are waiting for those polls to close in wisconsin, let's bring you more of the clinton global initiative with a look at it future of employment in the u.s.. this event took place in atlanta in june. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your moderator and welcome our panel. u.s. secretary of labor thomas perez. [applause] well, first let me say that there is a big storm brewing unfortunately, one of our panelists was caught in the storm and her flight was rerouted so we are short one of the best panelists, but we have a fabulous group still. [laughter] >> i do not know what i am going
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to do without her. we are going to have to fill in. [laughter] >> i know you are all here to just see her but do not be. >> i was. [laughter] >> sure. that was the problem. [laughter] >> when we began yesterday, which seem so long ago, president clinton encouraged us to think about alternative views of the future, and i came yesterday because i wanted to get a feel for this. i have never been to a cgi event and i learned so much, and i wanted, he wrote a little story oft is a we've of --weave the many things i heard in my own imagination. i am going to start by taking us to the future, imagine 2020, 2025 but somewhere in the future and here is to make a brown that works at detroit wire and steel. she leads a team that designed
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and fabricated precision fittings for companies like sh inola, harley davidson, delta. she never imagined she would enter advanced manufacturing when she was a high school dropout but she managed to get her diploma online and some good career counseling and started out at the 20 wire and steel a reasonably good shop and immediately entered the training program in learned advanced manufacturing. then there is carlos rodriguez at mercy hospital in the dietary division, pretty lower-level, front-line worker the became very concerned about the patient's that were not getting nutritious foods, not getting their meals at times that made the most sense for them so he -- teamed up with the i.t. department mercy hospital in the created an app for the hospital for patients to get
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food on demand and that became a business that grew to hundreds of hospitals across the united states. then there is dana hopkins who lives in eastern kentucky and she joined or had an idea and she became part of a coworker's hub. there, she hatched the idea that is a platform she developed that teaming up with the national diaper bank she built a customer base of those that were labeled as a very hard to serve employees and created an online-on-demand attire for business coaching and job matching services that are all over the country. dana use the idea of platforms in this rural eastern kentucky community that is now connecting people to jobs all over the country. what do these people have in
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common? what could they possibly have in common? somebody manufacturing, but from company, they all in 2020, they all love their jobs. they love their jobs. moreover, they feel really confident in the jobs that they have, that they can put food on the table, that they can put a roof over their head, that they can provide health care for the kids, not just now and the jobs they have now, but throughout the trajectory of the career that is going to have all sorts , starts andd bends stops and on ramps and all france, feeling confident in their jobs, feeling confident to manage, navigate those twists and turns. they can navigate a lifelong career because he had the confidence to navigate that career. they are not alone. the tide turned a 2018, somewhere around 2018 with the confidence for the first time
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reported in their job satisfaction survey that the majority of americans like their jobs, satisfied with their jobs. that was a big shift around 2018 in the labor market participation really started to skyrocket and people felt great about what they were doing. this happened with the new generational shift where they had a very different view and a refreshing idea about the role of business is in society and what business can accomplish. at the same time, these rapid and unprecedented changes in technology made all sorts of things possible that were not possible before. finally, and probably the most important, the staff they cap mountie, threatening the very social and economic fabric of not continue, could not continue and we had to do something about it. it was the sum total of thousands and thousands of innovation, business operations and strategy innovations with la showinglike shino
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is that good businesses and good jobs really do equate. labor market organizations that created very different and very powerful approaches to provide your consumer choice and really aggregating that and moving the whole structure of finally, another piece of public policy where our 20 century industrial policies were retrofitted to a 21st century environment, ensuring fair labor, worker safety, l isea defined by mobility, andth. , and very different framing. finally, fundamental shiftsn


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